Volunteer Writers Work Toward Paid Freelancing Opportunities

The Canadian is currently accepting applications for writers who share interests in social justice, human rights, Canadian politics, holistic health, naturopathy, lifestyles, local festivals and other areas.  The Canadian seeks to inspire further critical awareness on the issues and topics which effect your communities the most.

After a minimum of two weeks of joining The Canadian as a volunteer writer, you will be considered for paid writing opportunities based on the quality and frequency of your writing contributions to-date.

Do you consider yourself to be a great writer?  Can you write well-written, engaging and informative newspaper-style articles?  If so, you're invited to send your CV, a cover letter, and up to 10 proposed titles or articles you would like to write on to agora@bellnet.ca and agorakanata@gmail.com.

Please note: Articles submitted to The Canadian are not allowed to include any commercial linking.


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