Eco-Labels linked to Green Marketing Fraud

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The Rise of Greenwash eco-labels

In creating greenwash eco-labels, industry manipulates a public that wants to do the right thing – yet the reality behind most of these eco-labels is concealed from public view:
  • -- The 'green' market is estimated to be more than $500 billion worldwide.
  • -- According to Ecolabel Index’s Global Ecolabel Monitor 2010, there are more than 340 eco-labels worldwide—and 67% of them refused to complete a survey about the standards used to evaluate products and services.

SFI: Poster child of greewash eco-labels

Among the worst of these self-endorsing greenwash eco-label schemes is the ‘Sustainable’ Forestry Initiative (SFI).
  • -- Virtually all of SFI’s funding comes from the paper and timber industry.
  • -- SFI’s board of directors and its staff is a virtual who’s who from the paper and timber industry.
  • -- SFI’s audits do not demonstrate strong scrutiny of the land or of the forest management of the paper and timber industry.
SFI: Approving forest destruction

Harmful practices allowed by the SFI and/or used by SFI approved companies include:
  • -- Widespread cutting down of irreplaceable old growth forests and other endangered forests.
  • -- Converting natural forests into industrial tree plantations that are not ecologically healthy.
  • -- Clear-cutting, road construction, and other operations that harm water quality.
  • -- Use of genetically modified trees.
  • -- Violating the rights of workers, communities, and indigenous peoples.

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