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Controversy dogs Scottish seal colony

Matthew Will was shooting ducks at Newburgh, Aberdeenshire on 5 October 2012 at 7.30pm.  The Ythan estuary is one of Scotland's best sea trout fisheries. Matthew was accompanied there by his trained gun-dog, a black labrador called Fly. When the dog went into the estuary to retrieve a downed duck, a large grey seal pulled him underwater. Both of Fly's hind legs and his ribcage were crushed. Matthew had no option but to shoot his mauled dog.

Signs warning owners that seals may attack dogs in the water have been torn down and vanished since the summer. Unsurprisingly, but on rare occasions, seals will react aggressively if they feel threatened, especially if they've got young to protect. Seal colony numbers on the Ythan have increased to over a thousand over recent years. 

To safeguard fish stocks and their livelihoods, fishermen and anglers are suggesting the use of electronic deterrents against the seals. Some want a cull, claiming that the local economy is at risk and seals may attack people next. By law, any control of seals requires a licence from Marine Scotland.


Given his love for shooting and decimation of wildlife, it's only a matter of time before Donald Trump pops up from his nearby golf course at Menie, and shoots anything that moves. Trump seems to get away with everything else. Recently - for a birds-eye view of his destructive resort - his huge jet flew down the river at a height of 250M, terrifying walkers, residents and every living creature.

I stopped my German Shepherd Riley from swimming in the Ythan, ever since a seal popped up beside him in the water to say hello last year. 




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