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Natural Gas helping Ontario industry go green

(NC) — As industry goes, it's the fuel that's helping Ontario meet it's low emission goals while staying on track towards economic prosperity.

While most people think of natural gas' popularity for its home heating applications, its adoption by industry is also warming up—and for good reason, says Matthew Gibson, a spokesperson for the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance. “While natural gas prices are lower than they've ever been in the past decade, it's also gentler on the environment, with almost half the emissions of coal and other traditional fuels.”

A good case in point is Faromor Energy Solutions, an industrial ventilation systems company, who recently installed a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station for its fleet of vehicles. Wayne Blenkhorn, Faromor's CEO, says the Shakespeare, Ontario-based company's commitment to the environment made CNG an obvious choice, with the cost savings further motivating the initiative.

“The high cost of gasoline is driving the search for less costly fuel alternatives such as natural gas, which has been found in abundance across the North America,” says Blenkhorn. “The infrastructure to supply natural gas as a fuel across the continent is unfolding, which is good news for Ontarians.”

The company's fleet of vehicles runs on a duel-fuel system, maximizing efficiency by primarily using CNG, and then switching over to regular gasoline whenever the need arises.

Current CNG costs indicate potential savings of as much as $1.00 per litre, providing an economic advantage as well as a cleaner burning fuel with lower emissions compared to gasoline, Blenkhorn says.

The environmental benefits of natural gas stand together with broader economic ones, Gibson says. While Ontarians are saving up to $400 per year on their natural gas bills, the combined industrial-level savings amount to approximately $5 billion per year, largely due to discoveries of massive new reserves that have driven prices lower.

“Ontario is growing at a fast clip,” Gibson adds, “and will undoubtedly need more energy and infrastructure for businesses. Natural gas is helping supply that energy, and in a way that is gentle on our environment, working hand-in-hand with renewable energy sources.”

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