Even Famous Buildings Need Pest Control

From century-old lighthouses to beautiful Victorian mansions, San Jose has a rich architectural history. But despite ageing gracefully, the city’s oldest buildings nonetheless face threats from the ever-changing outside world. Unfortunately, this world includes beauty-destroying pests such as termites, which show no mercy towards old buildings, no matter how distinguished. Fortunately, buildings that have long stood the test of time can also withstand invasions from one of America’s most annoying insects.

Termites can threaten even the most storied old houses. For example, when the Balboa Pavilion opened in Newport Beach in southern California over a century ago, it became an important part of the seaside community’s character. The two-story Victorian wood frame house is so important to the city’s architectural history that it earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. However, like many older buildings, the Pavilion has fallen victim to a termite attack and recently had to be closed for fumigation. The age of the building, while increasing its historical value, also necessitates extra attention to pest control. Termite specialists working on the Pavilion have stressed the need for regular pest control procedures for older buildings. "Periodically, structures like this need to be fumigated, but you treat it with kid gloves because it's an older building," said Dan Murphy, the owner of the pest control company fumigating the Pavilion.

Older buildings can benefit from the services of fumigators utilizing effective but environmentally-friendly pest control approaches that minimize the use of harsh pesticides and chemicals. The delicate foundations of many older buildings require experts who are committed to preserving the health of the building in all respects, including repair. Termites are insidious creatures, often going undetected for years while still causing extensive damage. Despite this reality, owners of precious architecture can take comfort in the knowledge that environmentally-friendly pest control procedures can keep these insects at bay while avoiding the damaging effects of traditional fumigation techniques.

Buildings like the Balboa Pavilion are present in significant numbers in San Jose. Old but vibrant, architecturally significant but up-to-date, these structures are important community fixtures. If you are a property owner of a building like this, you undoubtedly take pride in its ability to help foster the community’s sense of place. However, you are also understandably concerned with maintaining the value of the property so that it can continue in that role for years to come. Eco-friendly pest control companies understand how valuable these structures are and work hard to ensure that their services enrich property values by minimizing damage from pesky insects.

If you own one of these cherished properties, you should consider scheduling a termite inspection on a regular basis; the American Society of Home Inspectors recommends an inspection every three to five years at a minimum. An older home, with its delicate nature, is at even greater risk of termite damage than many ordinary dwellings, and the savings of routine inspections greatly outweigh the costs. Help protect San Jose’s history by taking a proactive approach against termites.


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