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Ottawa: New Year's Eve things to do

I love New Year’s Eve. I always treat it like a second Christmas — one without the messy traditions and other baggage that goes along with the regular Christmas. It’s a night where parties are the norm, everyone goes out, and people are willing to go a bit overboard to splurge on a great night out.

I’ve always been partial to house parties for the new year. They give you a chance to eat at midnight and get some use out of those champagne flutes that are boxed up in your storage locker. It’s a great night for take-out and some of the city’s best catering spots will be designing special menus. The Red Apron is closed for the season, but Thyme and Again has a special menu you can order for a little under 50 bucks a person. If you’ve had a bit a “liquid holiday” so far, not to worry, the Beau’s delivery service is available in time for your New Year’s Eve party.

There are a few big parties happening at some special venues around town. The NAC is hosting the Blue Man Group for a New Year’s party. You can combine the show with dinner at Le Cafe to make a full evening out of it. If you haven’t been to the new Conference Centre yet, it will likely make a glamorous venue for Dancing in the Stars, an evening of gourmet dinner and dancing for $159.

The Sala San Marco in Little Italy is hosting a gala evening that includes a meal of Italian favourites and a 40 foot long midnight buffet. There are no tickets available at the door and the event has been sold out for the past two years.

The Casino will be trying to recreate the feeling of the famed Esquire Show Bar in Montreal, with their New Year’s Eve event. The show starts at 10:30pm and you can add dinner to your ticket for a total of $211.22 (it includes parking, coat check and taxes).

If all of this sounds a bit “high-brow” for your tastes, you might just be looking for an awesome party in the Market. Head to Zaphod’s where tickets are $10 and you won’t need a black tie. Also, a special edition of Timekode, Ottawa favourite dance party, will be hitting the Eri Cafe for the big night… get your tickets ahead of time. Of course, all the big clubs and bars will be throwing a party or two, so check out Babylon, Ritual, the Mascarade Ball at the Mercury Lounge, Barrymores and the Elmdale just to name a few. Basically, all you need to do is throw a stone and the first bar that you hit will likely have something going on.

For Queers and their allies,  a special edition of G.R.I.N.D.D.O.W.N with dj yalla!yalla! will be taking place at Fall Down Gallery.

I have no idea what to expect from “Rick Chiarelli’s Alcohol-free Family New Year’s Eve at Ben Franklin Place” but it seemed worth mentioning if that’s your style.

Internet site reference: http://www.apt613.ca


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