Ottawa: Activists protest Defence Contractors on February 23


War profiteers, the Harper government, and military commanders from Canada, the UK, and the US are converging in Ottawa at the “Conference of Defence Associations” annual general meeting. Once again, they’ll be pushing for war for the 1%, at the expense of the 99%. But this time the stakes are higher than ever.

PROTEST the war machine

5pm, Feb 23, 2012

Help spread the word. Download and distribute the poster or flyers.

Gather at the Ottawa Human Rights Monument, followed by a march to the pro-war conference at the Chateau Laurier, for a mass die-in at the doorstep of the war profiteers.

The Harper government is beating the drums of war against Iran, while spending millions on massive celebrations of the War of 1812, and $490 billion on militarism, all while attacking our cherished public services and falsely claiming there’s not enough money.

Demand peace and prosperity not war and austerity.

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