Halifax: Veteran Day Centre closes as Homecare gets boosted



Always Home Adult Day Centre recently closed its doors, making way for increased homecare service.

(WireService.ca) -- On Thursday, February 9, Always Home, located at 45 Dundas Street in Dartmouth, officially closed the doors to its Adult Day Centre, which first opened in January 2008. Clients attended the Day Centre twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays originally, and as it grew more days were added. It became a consistent and comforting place for Veterans to come together, to socialize, and to participate in meaningful activities, five days a week.

According to Day Centre staff, “Closing was not an easy decision for us. The Day Centre was a challenge to maintain over the past four years, and we felt it could no longer compete with the government subsidized Day Centres that are, as a result, able to charge much lower rates.”

While owner Georgia Lloyd and her team are sad to see the doors close, they are excited about new opportunities they will now have with Always Home Homecare. “It will give us a chance to focus more on the homecare aspect of the business and the new Transportation Service that we provide at this time. In fact, we can continue driving seniors to and from their social venues, doctors appointments, dialysis treatments, as well as helping with groceries and other errands. It is a great new service offered to help our seniors in any way we can.”

Always Home Homecare is encouraging anyone from the community with questions to contact them directly. You can contact them through their website at http://www.alwayshomecare.ca.


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