Ottawa: City Council pursues LRT underground connection

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(CFRA) -- The city will not add another station in the downtown core for the light rail transit route, but city council is considering several options to appease the National Arts Centre and Elgin Street businesses.

Mayor Jim Watson led off today's debate of the LRT route with an unequivocal message - there will not be a 14th station added to the route, even if the project was under budget or the city received an extra $50-million to build it.

But 11th hour discussions last night with the NAC and the Gillin family - who had offered $2-million to keep the Elgin Street entrance - produced a type of compromise, according to Watson.

"The Gillin family and the NAC agreed to undertake a study over the course of the next three months to see if we can build a connection, or a pedestrian tunnel, from the NAC to the downtown station east," Watson tells CFRA News.

The city would not cover the costs of that link, but would require the private sector to come up with the funds.

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