Ottawa: Orleans Councillor opposes Laurier Bike Lane

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(CFRA) -- Councillor Bob Monette says he will vote against continuing with the segregated bike lane on Laurier Avenue when the pilot project concludes next year, unless the city makes concessions to local businesses.

Monette had previously requested staff look at removing the bike lane on the south side of the street during winter months.

As CFRA News reported yesterday, city staff said that would cost about $100,000 to remove the signs and curb buffers, and reinstate them in the summer.

"I'm disappointed that they concentrated their efforts to reject any (concessions)," Monette tells CFRA News. "It would have been nice to try to find ways to make some of them possibly happen."

Somerset ward Councillor Diane Holmes says the city will continue to work with businesses to try and improve access to parking spaces, but the two year pilot project should run its course.


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