Ottawa: Park and Ride Fines get expensive for drivers


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(CFRA) -- Chased from neighbourhoods near Park and Rides, commuters who can't find spots in those lots are now being ticketed for leaving vehicles in the fire lanes.

City Hall collected $379,000 in parking fines from park and ride lots over the last four years.

Many of those ticketed complain legal spots were full and they had no choice.

However, City Transit Commission chair Diane Deans tells CFRA News that many times it is the driver's own fault.

"I think of my own ward, and Greenboro (Park and Ride) is always overflowing, but we've constructed a new Park and Ride at Leitrim, and there's lots of capacity there." says Deans. "Lots of people probably drive right past Leitrim to get to Greenboro, so it's just better to look at where the capacity is, and try to make that work."

Deans did agree it might be worthwhile looking at a system that warns first time violators.

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