Ottawa: Eastbound 174 opens for Monday drive home

After almost two weeks of traffic mayhem, the City re-opened all eastbound lanes of the 174 on Monday afternoon. At around 2:50 p.m. Orleans residents were able to take the main route again.

As well, the city re-opened one lane of the Jeanne d'Arc off-ramp.

Orleans Councillor Bob Monette says from now on, the commute to the East end will be much easier.

"It should be clear sailing, and we expect not to have any issues with traffic besides regular congestion."

The post-sinkhole rush hour went smoothly, though it attracted residents who were excited to see the progress.

Internet site reference:

One resident Jerry says although he's thrilled to escape the bumper-to-bumper traffic, he will miss the sinkhole Twitter account.

"I thought it was hilarious ... comments that were going back and forth," says Jerry.

"I guess the only thing we wonder about is whether it should have been caught earlier."


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