Ottawa Councillors dispute Interprovincial Bridge merits

Two councillors say there are more pressing matters than building a bridge linking the city's east-end to the Quebec side.

A motion, moved by Innes. Coun. Rainer Bloess and seconded by Orléans Coun. Bob Monette, was brought to the Sept. 26 council meeting, asking the city to put the bridge issue on the back burner.

"We saw what happened with the sinkhole (on Hwy. 174) and what we are concerned about is that there are many more priorities in the City of Ottawa than building a bridge," Monette told Capital City News.

The infamous sinkhole on the 174 took two weeks to fix and caused gridlock for eastbound commuters. Monette said the construction of a bridge would lead to similar traffic issues, but for a longer period of time.

"What we looked at the past two weeks is probably what we would look at every day if we built a bridge," he said.

There are several issues that should be seen as more important than a new bridge, including fixing existing infrastructure and getting light rail transit to the east end.

"We have to get a good grasp of our infrastructure," Monette said.

Monette explained he and Bloess aren't suggesting the bridge should never be built and is adamant that a crossing at Kettle Island would be the only logical location for a new bridge, when the time comes.

"We're not changing our position on that," he said.

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