Toronto Councillor McConnell opposes Downtown casino

Over the last several months, I have spoken to many residents in Ward 28 and have received numerous calls and messages about the proposal to locate a casino in downtown Toronto. The vast majority of residents and business owners are very worried about a casino in Toronto and the resulting social impact and the affect on our community.


I share these concerns, and I feel that the negative aspects far outweigh any perceived benefit. One of the key arguments in favour of a casino continues to be the employment opportunities , with the promise of hundreds of jobs in both the construction and hospitality industries, along with various spin-off jobs.


These jobs are very important to the city's economy and to our community. However, I feel that we can achieve this goal without relying on a casino as the catalyst. With the Pan and ParaPan Am Games, we are experiencing an exciting boom that is accelerating the build-out of the West Don Lands community. This development, along with the sporting event itself, will create substantial benefits in the years to come.


We should continue to follow this model and work towards expanding our job base through attracting events, investment, and businesses that bring positive and healthy benefits to the city as a whole. Read more..


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