Ottawa: Dessert of the World Festival misleads foodies

When I heard about the Dessert of the World Festival in Ottawa, please forgive me if I had overly high expectations on Mother’s Day.  I had expected a cornucopia of desserts almost as far as the eye could see based upon the impressive sales pitch made on the website of festival organizers.

The sales pitch suggested a virtual United Nations diversity of desserts from Ottawa, across Canada and around the world.

“Bring your mother, significant other, friends and family and be treated to hundreds of different delicious desserts from Canada, France, Lebanon, China, Africa, Italy, Israel, India, just to name a few.”

I decided to check out this Festival that was being held at the concourse level of the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans.  What I saw at this Festival could not even quality for the “Desserts of Ottawa” festival.  I see way more desserts at Le Moulin de Provence in the Byward Market than the so-called “Dessert of the World” festival.   And, was this a really even a “festival”??

I saw Picolo Grande; a couple of cupcake vendor; a couple of cookie vendors; someone selling some kind of cakes and not much more.  I counted less than 10 commercial dessert kiosks that were operating  alongside a charity art auction.

The Dessert of the World could be compared to a business marketing the opening of a new supermarket that turns out to be a lemonade stand.  If there were desserts there from China and all the other countries that the Dessert of the World festival claimed to showcase, it was well hidden.


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