Ottawa: Humanity's Defence Opens Group

Have you ever felt isolated or abused when dealing with the excesses of institutions that infringe on your human and civil rights? We hope to allieviate such experiences. The idea of this group is "strength in numbers." We seek to be a social group that expands friendships among people who share values concerning empathy, "service to others" over simply "service to self" and a belief in the vital importance of social justice and environmental protection" and a mutual defence society committed to value amd/or support the rights of each other.

The concept of Humanity's Defence Ottawa is that individual freedoms can be protected and affirmed when each person values the defence of the sought rights of others as an extension of their own.

We hope to explore and discuss personal experiences of group members and / or broader current event topics at Ottawa's best restaurants and bistros that are related to human / civil rights in the process of exploring new friendships and defending each others rights.

We reject the greed driven focus of capitalism and the fascist ethos which seeks to oppress human rights and social justice through fascism and a soc-called "New World Order" constructed on mass manipulation and exploiting fear.

Together, let's inspire communities and societies inspired by voluntary cooperation, association and economic democracy that is free from poverty.  We're idealists and seek to rekindle those ideals that had inspired a generation.

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