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Fort McMurray: Alberta Tar Sands Destroys Lives

The insatiable needs of some people fuelled by their ever-present greed for money and power have always been a factor that leads to the loss of lives and property. The current plight of people living around the Alberta Tar Sands is one that really depicts how some people value the lives of others.

It was a matter of applying common sense when the Alberta Tar Sands project was about to be initiated. However, those who really had the authority to determine whether to sacrifice money or human lives sadly went in favour of the former. These people in high places rather chose to have the project executed without giving a single thought for the effects that such a project would have on the lives of people around Alberta Tar Sands.

The indiscriminate cases of bushfires in and around Fort McMurray have over the years led to the loss of countless numbers of human lives which could have been saved if those involved in the project had taken some time to look at the adverse effects of the project. With such high temperatures in Fort McMurray, things like the dropping of lighted cigarettes, lightning bolts and even on hot sunny days have all been some of the common causes of bushfires in Fort McMurray.

Those who raised concerns about the negative effects of the Alberta Tar Oil Project have now been vindicated. Temperatures of nearby areas are now around 30C which goes on to show the harsh weather conditions in places like Fort McMurray. This has given rise to the incessant occurrence of bush fires in surrounding towns around the Alberta Tar Sands. The area that has been hit the hardest happens to be Fort McMurray and it is very disheartening to find out that they form a higher percentage of all lives lost through the effects of the Alberta Tar Sands. An area that was once home to vast acres of forest land and very cold temperature conditions, now record very high temperatures which is very different from those of other places within Canada. A careful comparative study of temperature recordings at Fort McMurray as against the entire Canadian region reveals the creation of a microclimate in areas around the Alberta Tar Sands Project.

Some humans are so callous to the extent that they are ever ready and willing to choose monetary gains over the lives of other human beings. This can clearly be seen in some of the comments that were made by those with power. Some were even able to imply that what the nation got from the Alberta Tar Sands Project was of much importance and worth than the lives of around 88,000 people living in surrounding towns. However, it should be noted that no matter how profitable a particular business venture or project is, it can never ever be valuable than the life of even a single human being.

Although the project can be seen as one that has brought about some tremendous improvements in the oil market, its negative impacts far outweigh that of the positives and that should have been enough to pull the plug on it.


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