Toronto: Missing 15 Year Old East York Girl, Still Not Found

Sydney Lakhani, the 15 year old girl who disappeared on Tuesday 24th of July has still not been found. Parents and friends of the missing teenager have just entered a second week on worry and uncertainty ever since the fruitless search for the young girl began. Parents and friends have been relentlessly putting up posters of hoping for the best outcomes.

The missing girl was last seen taking her dog for a walk in the Coxwell and Cosburn Avenue areas at about 6pm on that Tuesday. The dog, which appears to be the only trace left behind by the girl, was later found tied to a tree in the same neighborhood and there was no sign of the teenage girl around.This clue obviously provides another complex puzzle for this police to solve. Her parents say she has gone missing in the past but never for this long. The fact that she has been missing in the past makes this even a more puzzling case for family, friends and investigators.

According to the report on CP24, Her distraught mother has come out to speak on the issue, “She went out for a walk with the dog and we have not seen her since.” her mother Nishad thad said, “She can be anywhere across the GTA, and we request the support of the community,” Nishad Lakhani said.“Our heart aches for you Sydney, wherever you are, whoever has her, please bring her home,” her father Shams Lakhani said.

The girl has been described to be wearing purple hair, which might most likely be in a bun; she weighs 160 pounds and is about five-feet-three inches tall.

Police has appealed to anyone with information to call police at 416-808-5400 or 416-808-5500.

Similarly a five year old boy in Brampton who went missing has been later found close to the train tracks having been inflicted with a life threatening injury by his abductor.

Police said the child was last seen in his room around 2 a.m. Thursday in the area of McHardy Court and McMurchy Avenue just south of Queen Street West.

According To police reports, the boy, who has not gone missing before, was found around 7 a.m. near train tracks not far from his home. The police said the dog was located after a dog led search, and they had called the paramedics due to the state in which they found the little boy. Police are yet to divulge the exact condition of the boy or the circumstances that led to his discovery.

According to reports on, twenty-eight-year-old Dyon Smart, who neighbors identified to Global News as the boyfriend of the child’s mother, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, failure to comply with recognizance and breach of a probation order. He appeared in a Brampton court Thursday afternoon for a bail hearing.

Authorities said the boy’s mother woke up to find her son missing with their front door open. The boy was reported missing at 6:06 a.m., police said.


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