Corrupt Quebec Police block Gatineau traffic exiting to Ottawa similar to a Communist country

Today, Quebec police stepped up their illegal activities between Gatineau and Ottawa.  At about 2 PM on Saturday, April 11th an unmarked Quebec police vehicle and police officers were seen on Alexandre-Taché Blvd about 70 metres before the Chaudière Bridge blocking eastbound traffic turning right going into Ottawa.  Another set of police with a marked Gatineau Police vehicle were correspondingly blocking traffic exiting Gatineau turning right onto the Alexandra Bridge into Ottawa.

Shortly after witnessing this activity, one of our reporters called Gatineau Police.  A police dispatcher whose name is Pierre confirmed that is was an 'official operation' taking place.  He then asked us "why we would need to go into Ottawa" and that if we had any questions that we should "speak to the Sergeant."

Last week it was reported in Global that not only was this activity not supported by the City of Ottawa and that the Gatineau Police would not be attempting to interfere with motorists going into Ottawa.  Mayor Jim Watson has also reportedly said that the conduct of the Quebec Police has "gone too far."

Ottawa’s police chief has confirmed that Quebec can only limit traffic going into that province and not traffic coming into Ontario — and the national capital doesn’t plan to set up similar “spot checks,” Watson said.

But once again the Gatineau Police has shown itself to be a bunch of liars who have no respect for the constitutional rights of Canadians.

These guys are simply using "COVID-19" as a cover for illegal police intimidation tactics.

At 5 PM we saw that the Quebec Police presence had been reduced on Chaudière and Alexandre-Taché with less traffic to one Gatineau police vehicle and one officer standing in the middle of the road intercepting both traffic going into and exiting Gatineau.   This police officer was standing in the middle of the Eddy Street just before entrance on the Chaudière Bridge instead of the Quebec police presence which had been earlier on Alexandre-Taché positioned to block right turning traffic into Ontario.

The blocking of motorists seeking to leave Quebec can be compared to the actions of communist countries like Cuba that have sought to interfere with Cubans seeking to leave that country.  Canada is not a Police State, and such interference by Quebec police backed by the equally corrupt mayor of Gatineau is completely illegal.

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