Toronto: Keep Multiple Forklifts on Site For These Three Reasons

If you own a warehouse or any type of manufacturing operation, forklifts are something you use every day. In fact, you likely need to have several of them on hand at all times. Here are three of the more important reasons to make sure there is always one more lift that you can press into service.

1 - There’s More Than One Kind of Forklift

Different tasks call for different types of forklifts. You may need one with simple blades that will slide easily under pallets. That certainly comes in handy for loading and unloading anything that is stacked on those pallets.

You might also need what is sometimes referred to as a squeeze lift. The blades are horizontal rather than vertical and make it easier to grab, lift, and transport some heavy machinery or larger pieces of finished goods to different areas of the complex.

Depending on the many ways you use forklifts in your operation, one design may be more effective for certain tasks than others. By having a wider selection of front and side loader trucks on hand, you will be prepared for just about any situation.

2 - A Spare Means No Delays in Loading Multiple Trailers

Today is a great day because the loading dock is fully stocked with trailers waiting to take your goods to customers. Since you have several forklifts on hand, that means more than one trailer can be loaded at a time. Completing the loading process does more than allow the truckers to sign the bills of lading and be on their way. It also means freeing up the loading dock for more trailers that will haul outbound orders or make space for deliveries that you’ve been waiting to receive.

3 - There’s Always a Way to Keep the Warehouse in Order

If you only have one or two lifts on hand, there will be times when both are in use on the plant floor and you need one to organize some goods in the warehouse. Until one of the lifts is free, the warehouse has to wait. That wastes a lot of time.

Making sure you check into the options for warehouse forklifts for sale and invest in at least one for the exclusive use in that space makes a lot of sense. No matter what sort of task is happening on the production floor, no tasks in the warehouse have to wait. In the long run, you’ll be able to accomplish more in fewer work hours.

Take a fresh look at how you use the lifts in your business operation. There’s a good chance you will find that purchasing one or two more would make the business more efficient and allow you to get more accomplished each work day. Best of all, you will always be covered if one of the lifts has to be pulled out of service for repairs and keep the down time to a minimum.

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