Toronto: Top 4 Qualities Your Next Watch Must Possess

Perhaps you are in the mood to treat yourself to a new watch. Maybe the plan is to buy a watch for a loved one. Whatever the reason behind the purchase, it’s important to only go with something that has the qualities you crave. Here are four key attributes that the watch must have before you will consider the purchase.

1 -The Style

What style would work best for the person who will be wearing the watch? If the purchase is for you, consider the type of watches you’ve owned in the past and what styles seemed to be more appealing. Perhaps you prefer something with a bigger face and a chunkier band. If you happen to prefer watches that are petite, go with that style.

If you are planning on giving the watch as a gift, use what you know about the recipient as you compare styles. You may find that a person who tends to place a premium on living simply would not be crazy about an ornate watch design. By contrast, something understated like an elegant Zenith watch might be the ideal choice.

2 - The Colour

Colour also matters when choosing a watch. If you are looking for something to wear yourself, think about the other pieces of jewelry you normally wear. Do you enjoy wearing gold pieces or would something in silver or stainless steel be a better choice? Going with a watch sporting the colors you use for other accessories will give you a more unified look. That’s especially important if your work takes you in front of customers on a regular basis.

3 - The Fit

While appearance is important, wearing a watch that does not feel comfortable is not something most people look forward to experiencing. If the watch band is too constricting or the face is so big that it seems to interfere with bending the wrist, it may end up in the back of a drawer. To prevent this from happening, take a look at different Graham watches that are known to provide a high level of comfort. Even if the watch does cost a little more, the fact that it feels so good when you wear it will make the watch worth every penny.

4 - The Price

Price does not have to be the major factor but it will likely be part of the decision to buy or to look at something different. You have two goals in terms of price. First, it must be high enough in quality and have enough feature to make it worth the expense. Second, the price must be within your budget. You can bet that being able to pay cash or at least pay for the watch using a series of affordable monthly payments will make it much easier to enjoy your purchase.

Today is a great day to start looking for that new watch. Be open to different styles and designs, and always take your time. With a little patience and attention to detail, you will end up with a watch that has all the qualities you want and will provide excellent service for years.


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