Top 3 Things to Remember When Buying Athletic Shoes

(TORONTO – Wire) -- Working out is something that you enjoy. Just as you devoted a lot of time and thought to planning your exercise regimen, it pays to think about what sort of athletic shoes would work best. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind when you are in the market for one or more pairs of ladies’ athletic shoes.

1 - One Pair is Not Enough

 It’s not about having different sets of athletic shoes to match your different workout clothing although that can be a nice bonus. The real point of investing in more than one pair of athletic shoes from the Walking on a Cloud New Balance shoes store is that some designs are better choices for specific types of exercise.   Ideally, you would have a pair that you wear to the health club. A different pair with greater flexibility and cushioning would be right for running. Something that’s a little stiffer but still properly cushioned would be best for walking. Consider how many different ways you exercise and invest in a pair of shoes that provides the support needed for each of those activities.

2 - Be Aware of Size Differences

Sizes may vary for a couple of reasons. One has to do with the way different manufacturers measure their products. What you may wear a 6 with one brand, you may require a 6.5 if you buy a shoe made by another brand.

Sizes also shift as you age. It’s true the pair you bought last year still fits perfectly. That’s partly because it’s broken in and has stretched as the shape of your feet changed. Before you buy a pair of shoes have your feet measured again. That will help you choose something that really does fit properly.

3 - Know When It’s Time to Replace an Aging Pair of Athletic Shoes

Did you know that many experts recommend retiring a pair of running shoes once they have been used for around 400 miles? While the shoes may still look nice, the fact is that they no longer offer the support and cushioning your feet need. With running shoes, there is no such thing as letting them break in; they should feel comfortable and offer the right support immediately. If your shoes have been around for awhile, it’s time to think about buying a new pair of New Balance shoes before you do any more long-distance runs.

Remember that quality is always the main point to consider with new athletic shoes. A cheap pair may look as good but the shoes will not wear as well or provide the benefits of shoes that cost more and are made using better materials. In the long run, you will do your feet a favor if you invest in shoes that support your insteps, ankles, and arches. You’ll also enjoy your workouts a lot more.


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