Ottawa Judge: Sylvia Corthorn Faces Criminal Charges

Sylvia Corthorn, an Ottawa-based Superior Court Justice who was appointed to be a judge on June 23, 2015 now faces criminal obstruction of justice charges. She is scheduled to be arraigned sometime early January 2018 in the Ottawa Courthouse at 161 Elgin Street.

The crime of obstruction of justice is considered a crime against justice itself, since it undermines the validity of the legal system. Justice Sylvia Corthornhas been linked to an on-going apparent corruption in the Civil Division of the Superior Court of Justice.

There have been reports about the corrupt activities of Sylvia Corthorn’s orchestrated Kangaroo Court against R. Samuels. In relation to this, R. Samuels had filed Statement of Claims to the Ottawa Courthouse. One was against his father for having lied to the Ottawa Police that he “suffers from mental illness in order to deflect Police from investigating his father’s role is perpetuating abuse against his Mom which has resulted in her not being able to walk, talk and write.  Another Claim was against the Ottawa Police for their illegal activities which include harassment against R. Samuels.

Justice Beaudoin, one of the ethical Judges at the Ottawa Courthouse had approved R. Samuels bringing a Motion to the Court to get Sylvia Corthorn kicked-off of presiding any further over specious Defense Motions for Summary Judgment and Vexatious Litigation filed by Bell Baker John E. Summers, Defense Counsel of the abusive father.

Justice Sylvia Corthornon receiving the news that R. Samuels has filed a Recusal Motion which J. Beaudoin has approved, became fearful that her plot to conspire with John Summers and the Ottawa Police in a separate court proceeding would be threatened by the Recusal Motion. She  then decided to simply ignore due process of law that R. Samuels was entitled, and quickly rule in favor of John Summers and the Ottawa Police by endorsing Summary Judgment and declaring R. Samuels a “Vexation Litigant” so that she could also throw out R. Samuels harassment claims against dirty cops at the Ottawa Police Service which include Detective Robert Griffin and his co-conspirators who are responsible for also denying the rights of R. Samuels’ mother who remains subjected to spousal abuse.

Justice Corthorn went as far as to accept an apparent forgery of an affidavit filed by her friend John Summers that this Judge sought to evade from Court scrutiny. She now faces criminal charges for her role in a macabre plot which has resulted in R. Samuels’ mother having been held hostage and abused for more than two years; and her conspiracy to use Vexatious Litigation as a means to assist her friend John Summers,and her friends at the Ottawa Police.

Obstruction of justice is a broad concept that extends to any effort to prevent the execution of lawful process or the administration of justice in either a criminal or civil matter. Obstructive conduct may include the destruction of evidence, the intimidation of potential witnesses or retaliation against actual witnesses, the preparation of false testimony or other evidence, or the interference with jurors or other court personnel. The purpose of criminal obstruction statutes – which every jurisdiction has, in one form or another – is thus to help protect the integrity of legal proceedings and, at the same time, protect those individuals who participate in such proceedings.

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