Salmonella Lawyer at Investigates Red Onions Salmonella Outbreak

HOUSTON, July 31, 2020 /CNW/ -- National Salmonella Lawyer Jory Lange is investigating the Red Onions Salmonella Outbreak. 326 people in the United States and Canada have contracted Salmonella Newport. 47 people have been hospitalized with Salmonella infections. Salmonella Lawsuits are likely to follow, says The Lange Law Firm, PLLC.

"The scary thing about this outbreak is, as a consumer, there's nothing you can do to tell whether the red onions that you are buying is safe. You can't taste, smell, or see Salmonella. Red onions that are contaminated with Salmonella may look, smell, and taste just like any other onions.This is why it's critical that companies who make and sell our food, especially ready-to-eat foods like red onions, ensure the food is safe before they sell it," said national Salmonella food poisoning lawyer Jory Lange.

Sysco Recalls Red Onions

In Canada, food industry giant Sysco is recalling Red Onions imported from the United States. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency's findings in its investigation of this Salmonella outbreak triggered Sysco's Red Onions Recall. Sysco's Imperial Fresh brand jumbo onions are among the products affected in the recall. More products may also be included in this outbreak. The investigation is ongoing.

Compensation for Salmonella

Those who contracted Salmonella infections after eating food tainted with Salmonella may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about making a claim for Salmonella compensation, please visit the Lange Law Firm's website, or call 833.330.3663.

How Many Are Ill?

In the US, here's the case count by state: Arizona (13 cases), California (10 cases), Florida (1), Idaho (5), Illinois (9), Iowa (10), Maine (2), Michigan (15), Minnesota (3), Missouri (3), Montana (11), Nebraska (5), North Carolina (3), North Dakota (3), Ohio (5), Oregon (51), South Dakota (6), Tennessee (2), Utah (40), Virginia (3), Washington (1), Wisconsin (2), and Wyoming (9). 

In Canada, here's the case count by province: British Columbia (43), Alberta (55), Manitoba (13), Ontario (2), and Prince Edward Island (1).

About the legal team:

Jory Lange with The Lange Law Firm, PLLC is one of the United States' leading Salmonella lawyers. Mr. Lange has helped families from Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and in states across the nation.  

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