John Summers and Elder Spousal Abuse: Ottawa's Most Sleazy Lawyer?

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Dear Law Society of Upper Canada representative,

This email is to make an official complaint against the sleazy tactics of John Summers at Bell Baker in Ottawa that I have been experiencing that have subjected me to harassment.

On 15 July 2016, Mr. John Summers' student named Damain had sought to send to me their Defence via an emailed attachment.

I told them that I would not consent to them sending me their Defence in such a manner and that they should mail their Defence t the same address that I have been receiving correspondence from the Ottawa Courthouse with no trouble.

Damian appropriately recognized that I would need to consent to such an email pursuant to the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure.

But then, Mr Summers apparently got Ms. Cleroux who is one of his colleagues to berate me on Friday with about 10 different phone calls that sought to intimidate me into relinquishing my rights under Civil Procedure.

This apparent sleazy Law firm has constantly sought to ignore Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure, and I request that Mr Summers be investigated for harassement and unethical conduct.

It is a violation of the Law Society of Upper Canada codes of conduct for opposing Counsel to be engaged in such illicit activities designed to subvert or pervert the course of Justice.

Mr. Summers appears to also be supporting the criminal activities of his client who has been abusing my Mother.

As a result of the apparent criminal activities of his client, my elderly Mom can no longer walk, write or talk.

My Mom had presented a note when she could still write that his client was abusing her.  His client also preventing my Mom getting access to speech therapy that was urged by an Ottawa doctor.

The harassment of Mr. Summers' agent(s) is simply the extension of the apparent criminal actvities of his client against my rights as a litigant and my elderly Mom.

Such activities by a lawyer in this province tarnishes the professional image and reputation of more ethical lawyers in this province.

In the above video you will see that his client ignored the order of a Judge and the efforts of Ottawa Police Services to facilitate that order on 11 February 2016.

Since that time, Mr. Summers has used apparent chickanery to frustrate the course of justice.

Please note that this is an Open Letter.



Readers, we welcome your comment and your support in affirmation of women's rights and against the unethical activities of lawyers in our society.


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