Coronavirus Lesson: Three actors to blame on Extended Care horror

The coronavirus has exposed the kind of squalor that we as a society have relegated our senior citizens to live in which has resulted in a horrific death toll.

In "Is It Time to Nationalize Every Elder Care Home in Canada?" the Saskatchewan Herald documents that "In Ontario, only nine out of 626 care homes received comprehensive inspection from government in 2019."

"In Quebec, an outbreak at a nursing home led to the death of 31 patients in a milieu of underpaid and undedicated non-unionized staff abandoning the home and leaving residents to die alone and those who survived were left unattended and uncared for in their own filth," the Herald further documents.

I can lay the blame on three actors in this Crime Against Humanity.

It is furthermore notable that this prevailing crisis has even effected Ontario Premier Doug Ford's mother-in-law who has apparently been living at one of these extended care facilities and has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The first actor I blame is the private companies running Extended Care facilities in Canada like slum landlords with an emphasis on Ontario and Quebec where the death toll among our senior citizens has been very disturbing.

Clearly, it is apparent that for-profit private interests ought not to be entrusted with caring for our senior citizens.

Extended care facilities should not be a commercial profit centre for anyone who believes in social justice and who supports the spirit of our one-tier and comprehensive universal public healthcare system in Canada.

Furthermore, the vulnerable senior citizens who have been relegated to such facilities do not have the strength to defend themselves against slum landlords like "younger people" who may face such terrible slum landlords where they live.

The second actor that I blame is governments across Canada which have not been vigorously ensuring compliance with public health and safety standards as they would normally do with other such private establishments which include restaurants and grocery stores.

The third actor to blame that you will not hear discussed too much by the mainstream media in Canada are the arguably evil sons and daughters who dumped their parents in these facilities after their parents made great sacrifices to take care of them when they were born and growing-up.

Much of these sons and daughters either seldom or never thought of visiting their parents until the coronavirus and then all of a sudden they act like they are concerned about the welfare of their parents.

Many of these sons and daughters are living in wonderful million dollar plus homes in downtown Toronto and other parts of Canada and simply don't want to spend the money making sure their parents are looked after well.

This is not the attitude of many sons and daughters who are from so-called "Third World" background.  Among such people it is common to find parents living in the same homes of their grown-up kids.  In my view that's the way it ought to be.  I would never dump my parents in one of these terrible places and essentially leave them to rot.

I say shame on you! Your complaint now is apparent hypocrisy!  Where were your complaints before the pandemic crisis started? In my view, you're even worse than the slum landlords and negligent government agencies!

I invite you to read Peter Tremblay's book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst if you want to explore the world of corruption and manipulative aliens as it directly effects Canadians.


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