5G Auto-Immune Disease: Why Premier Doug Ford's we can do better is not good enough

It is apparent that the Government of Ontario's negligent attitude which led to horrific coronavirus fatalities in the province's long term care facilities has not changed one iota.

Long-term care in Ontario "needs to be changed," an emotional Doug Ford has said, moments before his office confirmed the premier's mother-in-law, who lives in a seniors home, had tested positive for COVID-19.

Ford, whose 95-year-old mother-in-law lives in a Toronto home with an outbreak of the virus, choked back tears during his daily briefing as he discussed families of long-term care residents trying to communicate with their loved ones.

My first question when I heard this is did Premier Ford's mother-in-law get the coronavirus as a result of living in the same kind of squalor that other senior citizens in our province have faced?

My second question is that during this coronavirus crisis what steps if any did our Premier take in protecting his mother-in-law from getting the coronavirus?

My third question is that was it necessary for his mother-in-law to be left in such an extended care facility during a pandemic when the Premier knew that such facilities have been ravaged by the coronavirus?

Should senior citizens expect that Premier Doug Ford will protect them any more than the Premier's own mother-in-law?

"The system — we can do better," Ford said, pausing for a moment. "The system needs to be changed and we're changing the system"

It may be all well and good for you and I to simply say "we can do better".  But, when you actually have power like the Premier of Ontario, coming out in front of the cameras and simply saying that is simply not good enough.

For Premier Ford's apparent remorse to be anything more than a feign and hypocritical act of "crocodile tears" it is incumbent of him to immediately lay out of plan to ensure that the quality-of-living of all our senior citizens are protected from exploitative slum landlords with the same haste of his plans associated with supporting small business people and other Ontarians.

Our senior citizens ought not to be relegated in such facilities.  Government support of home care and other such innovative public policies is the kind of legislation that Premier Doug Ford could be providing along with the Government of Ontario taking over the management of such facilities away from the private slumlords.

We have a provincially run LCBO which sells more liquor than any other retailer in the world.

Let's also have a provincially run Extended Care Provincial Crown Corporation which is operated on a not-for-profit basis the best support to seniors in the world with the same mode of efficiency as our LCBO.

Our senior citizens ought not to ever expect that their plight in the province's Extended Care facilities will ever be redressed if Premier Ford is unwilling to do any more during the height of this crisis than to throw Canadian Armed Forces personnel at these facilities in the squalid conditions which the Province of Ontario has allowed to perpetuate.


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