Online dating: Top 5 things not to do

Online dating is not so complicated but people are making things complicated by doing things, which they are not supposed to do. Online dating was supposed to be very straight forward, and if things are done properly, then it will yield perfect results in terms of getting a perfect partner. Some people use it in an unethical way; therefore we are listing top 5 things, which should be avoided in online dating.

1.       Don’t fake it – well this is like the most important of all, never fake it. If you are not tall, then don’t add pictures of someone else who looks taller than you. If you really want to be into a relationship via online dating then faking is not an option. You must give real and proper descriptions about yourself and don’t create fake profiles just to lure other members. This faking may work for some time, but at the end of the day, you will be busted.

2.       Stop making stories – this is the most ridiculous part in online dating. If you think that online dating is all about lies, then you will never succeed in getting the perfect match. So many people use online dating just to make some false stories about themselves. If you are not into sports then you don’t have to fake it, just admit that you are not into sports. Online members are not looking for superman or superwoman. They are just looking for genuine people who can strike a decent conversation.

3.       Don’t crack stupid jokes – experts always believe that people with a good sense of humour can easily find a perfect date, because they can manage to start an interesting conversation with their partner.  Now that does not mean that every one of us will have to be humorous every time. In pursuit of being humorous, people end up cracking really stupid jokes, which really turns off the entire dating mood. So if you don’t know how to be humorous then stop pretending.

4.       Don’t talk too much – it’s ok to talk, but talking too much will deteriorate the whole situation. It’s good to share your feelings with your partner but don’t talk too much. Make sure that you allow the other person to talk and interact with you. Always remember that you never get carried away with your feelings and don’t overreact to simple things.

5.       Don’t be a pervert – this is specially for boys who always think that online dating is only for sex, well, it may be a part of it but online dating is not all about it. If you are constantly being a pervert, then you may never get the opportunity to find the right partner for yourself. Try to control your emotions and be decent with other persons.

Online dating is all about saving time, you won’t achieve anything by making fake profiles or by telling thousands of lies, it’s better to find someone who will like you for what you really are.


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