Relationships: First date mistakes women usually make

A date could be a really nerve-wrecking situation. Women usually try so hard to find ways to impress their date, especially if it the first time they have met each other. In order to avoid having him disappear on you without even him calling you back, you have to be prepared so as not to make the most common first date mistakes women make.

In any date you will be having, whether it’s the first time or it has been so many times that you lost count already, preparation is the key. Your top goal should be not to make anything funny that would send your date towards the other direction. You should work your strategies around this goal.

The most common mistake that a woman makes during a date is to not pay attention. It signifies that you are not interested in the date. Unless this is what you want your date to see, do not answer calls or texts during your date. Do not update Facebook statuses or even upload a picture in your Instagram account. This is the time to be focused on your date and your date alone. Since it is all about two people enjoying each other’s company, do not make it seem like you’re enjoying and you’re leaving your date out.

Sounding like a detective could turn your date off. Ask a few things about him, but do not go over his employment or telephone bill history. You are supposed to get to know your date but going too far might make him think you are scouting him to be a husband and that would scare him off.

While sounding like a detective could scare him away, talking too much about yourself could bore him. Women have the natural tendency to talk with much details, but that doesn’t mean that you would be spending all the time talking about nothing but yourself. Ask him if he can relate to what you are saying so he can join in as a speaker as well.

A date usually means going out and having a meal together. You might want to call off the zone and eat like a normal human being. Men do not like women who starve themselves to death. If watching your weight means to you that much, simply order a light meal. Also, remember your table manners. Do not pick at your food or lick your fingers, at least not during the first date.

In the older times, men are responsible for paying the bill. However, with the more modernized system we have, we can “go Dutch” (split the bill) or you can even take care of it yourself. If he insists, allow him to; it will boost his ego.

Finally, contrary to popular belief, the perfect date does not always end in a kiss. Try to feel the situation. If you think he’s not ready, don’t push it. You might come as clingy and too aggressive. Elisa Benson, contributor for also advises you to not text first after the date because you may come as overeager.

The key to a perfect date is to always be considerate of your date’s feelings and not just that of yours. This way, you would enjoy this sweet little moment together to the maximum.

What about you? Do you have first date mistakes you wish you can undo? Share it in the comment box below. We’d love to hear from you!