Toronto enjoys Slow Dating alternative to speed-dating

Are you a single Torontonian? Are you 25 and up?  You should attend events offered by Toronto Slow Dating.  Some events are free.  Other events are only $7 to $9.


Toronto Group Slow Dating is the exact opposite of "speed dating". Whereas speed dating provides opportunities for individuals to meet each other through often hurried and superficial timed dates, our "group dating concept" enables individuals to get to know each other through relaxed get togethers to discuss various topics of common interests at Toronto's best bistros and restaurants.


They also plan to explore get togethers at other venues including cooking classes based upon demand. Toronto Group Slow Dating provide individuals 24 and up with an opportunity to explore the world of dating through a group that provides its members with safety in numbers. Explore common interests and axpand friendships.


They also welcome new members to get involved with the planning of events. Are you seeking an alternative to "speed dating", the "bar scene" and online dating sites? Are you potentially seeking to date, but would like to get to know other people in a relaxed social milieu toward expanding friendships? If so, Toronto Group Slow Dating may be for you. You are invited to get involved to participate in or to help organize events.


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