6 Downsides (Yes, Downsides) to Dating Younger Women

I know that guys love to date beautiful women, and I also know that most guys tend to go for younger women. It’s ingrained in your DNA to seek out women who appear to be youthful and “fertile” so they can be fit partners to look hot on your arm, pop your babies out and yada yada yada. I get it, you’re a man. I’m cool with that part of your nature, for the most part. But, there are certainly guys who take this to the extremes and seem to date by the rule “the younger, the better” – opting to set their sights on girls who are significantly younger than them, while they ignore perfectly awesome and suitable women that are more age-appropriate or older. (And you wonder why older women can feel slighted!) If you’re one of those guys aiming for women who are significantly younger (think: decades rather than years), I’ve got something to tell you. Dating girls who are a decade or more younger than you may sound fun in theory, but in reality, there can be some definite downsides to it and the age gap can pose some real issues to consider. Go ahead and read on, but try not to roll your eyes. Sometimes, dating someone too much younger and can be a lot more difficult than fun. 6 Downsides to Dating Younger Women 1. Younger Women are Less Confident and sure of themselves Younger women, especially those in their 20s, tend to be less confident and less self-assured. They usually haven’t quite “found” themselves yet and may not know who they are or what they want for their lives. You’re likely to hear a lot about her insecurities and her perceived lack of life direction. Whereas women in their 30s and up tend to be much more confident, self-expressed, and they’ve come into their own as a woman. They’re refreshing to be around! 2. Younger Women are Worse in Bed! Uh, yeah. I hate to crush your fantasies but while those younger girls may look hot, more often than not a woman closer in age to you will actually be much better in bed! As a woman gets older, she becomes more comfortable in her sexuality, more confident, and more adventurous in bed with a man (not to mention she’ll have more experience and therefore more tricks up her sleeve). Younger women, on the other hand, tend to be more shy and reserved sexually, unsure of how to please a man, and can actually be boring in comparison. 3. Needier and More Dependent on You Because younger women tend to be less confident and sure of themselves, they tend to cling on to the guys they date and wrap their whole life around him, rather than have her own exciting lives and interests. As women get older, they tend to be more independent, and become comfortable being by themselves. They don’t need to be with you every waking moment in order to be happy. 4. Usually not Financially Independent = aka You’re Their Sugardaddy Women who are younger usually just don’t have their stuff together yet, and can often be flat-out broke. Soon after you start dating her, you may end up being the one she depends on to get her bills or rent paid. Whereas women who are closer to you in age are usually in their ideal careers and financially independent. They typically have their life in better order, and can afford to do more activities and traveling without you always footing the bill. PS if you’re in a relationship like the one I just described, it might be time to get out of it. 5. With Fewer Common Interests, you May get Bored Quickly! What about the things you like to do, the things you like to talk about? Once you’ve spent enough time with a girl who’s significantly younger than you, you’ll likely find out you don’t have that much to talk about! Your wealth of life experiences, and her lack of them due to her age, can make for some pretty vapid conversations – especially when you’re forced to “dumb down” or avoid topics you actually want to discuss. A lot of things you would normally connect over with a girl from your generation – like songs and music groups, popular TV shows, significant events, etc. – may fall on deaf ears. And in terms of how you like to spend your time, you may think the perfect Friday night is staying home with a bottle of Merlot and watching a movie together, whereas she may want to spend her weekends out partying and hitting the clubs ’til 3am. 6. They’re Less Mature, and Don’t Appreciate a “GOOD guy” When They See One! Younger girls are obviously less mature than older ones, and it can get annoying having to deal with things that come along with that. These annoyances could include things like flaking on you, being bratty, or playing head games. Plus, these younger women are usually still in the phase in which they’re looking for the “bad boy” or the hot bartender with 6-pack abs – not the good, solid ‘husband material” man. As women become more mature, they become less “boy crazy” and they start looking for a REAL man and actually appreciate a nice, good, non-jerky guy.
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