Ottawa: Speed Dating Event Offers Unique Approach

The Rotation – Free Speed Dating is an event planned where everyone will have an opportunity to know new people. To do this they will not be required to rotate with the usual matches. The event will go down on 9th May, 2014; this will be on a Friday for convenience. The event will take place from 6:45 PM up to 9:15 PM.

The event will entail people of all ages who want to have fun. The event will be held at a Restaurant which is located in Ottawa. The restaurant serves Thai Cuisines which are totally awesome. It serves richly flavored food with great tastes which is also authentic.

Among the dishes bound to make your taste buds beg for more include, delicious seafood’s, Beef salad and Beef Penang, Tom Yum Soup among many other varieties.

The restaurant has great looking decors that provide a welcoming atmosphere that is relaxed; it’s just the perfect atmosphere for the event. It has very attentive servers and the food comes out fast enough. The Restaurant has the best in terms of Food, service, value and atmosphere bound to leave a lasting memory.

The event offers all participants chance to experience non-rotating speed dating opportunity. Through proper planning coupled up by extensive consultation, it will ensure that the participants are totally satisfied from the dates. The dates are precisely timed and hence the participants face less pressure if any at all. The event ensures proper gender balance so that each person is covered.

The non-rotating speed dating offers a great opportunity for all those who seek an alternative way of dating from the conventional online dating, it’s also appropriate for those who desire to try different and extraordinary things.

The Meet-Up will be a great opportunity for enjoyment of great authentic dishes in breath taking atmospheres, sharing and learning new things while still enabling people meet and enjoy new love.

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