Humans Seen on Mars in 1979 suggests British Newspaper

( Reviews) -- On 28 November, the Daily Mail broke news that may lend credence to one of two conspiracy theories that have been doing the rounds for years. A woman known only as ‘Jackie’ called Coast to Coast AM, a radio station in the United States with a startling story.

Jackie claims that she as a NASA employee and that in the year 1979, she and six other NASA employees witnessed something that remains a mystery to this day. Her task was the downloading of telemetry from the Viking Lander on Mars. Jackie claims that she saw two unmistakably human figures on the surface of the Red Planet approaching the lander.

NASA has maintained silence, but conspiracy theorists representing two schools of thought are hailing the information as possible proof to lend credence to their theories. One of these camps believes that secret manned missions to Mars took place during the nineteen seventies and that Jackie’s story, if it can be verified, would provide incontrovertible proof of what they have always believed to be true.

The other camp doesn’t even believe that NASA made it to the moon, and that moon landing footage was faked. They believe that the same is true of footage from the Viking lander and that what Jackie was seeing was an ‘out-take’ from a cleverly constructed film set. They believe that Jackie’s mention of running upstairs only to find a locked room to which she was not allowed access seems to support their theory.

However, experts have identified some inconsistencies in Jackie’s story and unless she comes forward with her full name, it is impossible to be sure that she ever worked at NASA. UFO expert Nigel Watson told the Daily Mail that the Viking landers did not have a live visual connection with earth and that they were unable to move about. Jackie specifically stated that the Viking was moving about and that the material she was downloading was from a live feed.

However, Jackie herself claims that she saw men on Mars. Dr John Brandenburg, a controversial physicist believes that two races of sentient life once existed on Mars and that they were wiped out by nuclear explosions. He bases this on the presence of radioactive isotopes in the Martian atmosphere. He theorises that these explosions were caused by an attack from another extra-terrestrial race and believes that there is still life on Mars and that it represents a possible threat to earth’s safety.

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