Reviews: Ladies Should Date Feminist Guys

( Reviews) -- Imagine finding a guy who really is a feminist? One who will campaign for career equality and still be enough of a gentleman to open the door for you or help you to put your coat on. Do such guys really exist? According to a Marie Claire columnist, you should make sure that they do!

We’re sure you’ll recognise the kind of guys the columnist mentions: the ones who make off-colour jokes implying that women are clueless. They think it’s funny. You don’t. Why laugh to please them? You shouldn’t even be dating someone like that. Just on the off-chance that it did work out, where would you end up? Playing out some sick gender role that just doesn’t apply to you as a human being?

As for those gents who say that treating a lady like a lady is against feminist principles, they’ve got it wrong. Feminism is about equal opportunities and mutual respect, and what better way of demonstrating respect than having good manners? It’s not as if he won’t get rewarded with a smile and a ‘Thank you.’

A lot of very nice men don’t understand feminism. They think it’s about you hating men and being a career junkie. Seriously though, if you’d prefer to stay at home with your kids that’s feminist too. It’s about doing what you prefer to do instead of doing as you’re told.

A study conducted by Cornel University found that couples who lived on an equal footing, sharing chores and responsibilities, were much happier than those living in unequal relationships. Unequal relationships will make you unhappy, ergo, there’s no point in sticking with a guy who doesn’t treat you like an equal. If he treats you like an equal, he’s a feminist whether he knows it or not.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a boyfriend like that, why not play the field a little? And if you’re not ready for a serious relationship anyway, going out for some laughs with a guy you met on Flirthookup or Xcheaters is Ok too.


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