Xmeeting.com: 45 Best Places for Women to Meet Single Guys

Meeting women is a lot easier than you think. There are quite a few places to meet very attractive, single women. Xmeeting.com with the help of allwomenstalk.com have gotten together a list of the top 45 best places to meet women.

1. A Bar: Booze and small talk? Perfect!

2. Grocery store: Chat about cooking and recipes, easy enough.

3. Bookstore: Mention your favorite author, perhaps she also likes them.

4. Online: Two words: Dating Sites

5. Church: Values and morals, what’s not to like.

6. The office: Could be risky, but if it works, awesome!

7. College: Find a smart woman here.

8.Through Friends: Go to their parties and see who’s single.

9. The Gym: Workout buddies!

10. The diner: Buy that single girl a cup of coffee.

11. Vacation: This can be risky too, but it could work.

12. Park: Always a great idea. Public, relaxing, and calm.

13. Planes: The woman of your dreams could be sitting right next to you.

 14. House Parties: Always easy to find single women here.

15. Fundraiser: They care about the event and they’re dressed to the nines.

16. Art Museum: They love art. They can share their insight with you.

17. Play: They like to go to the theatre. They’re cultured. Perfect.

18. Comedy Show: They have a sense of humor.

19. Book Club: They want to share their thoughts about the book of the week with you. (Alone.)

20. Blood Drive: They care about the cause.

21. Rock Climbing Center: They’re athletic and fun.

22. Wine Tasting: They have amazing taste in wine.

23. Marathons or races: They’re very active or at least trying to be.

24. Community Events: They care about their neighborhood and want others to as well.

25. Weddings: Open bar, beautiful dresses, end of story.

26. Ballroom Dancing Class: You can get close and personal with them here.

27. Comic Book Store: Nerds can chat about their favorite comics.

28. Laundry Mat: Everyone has to have clean clothes.

29. Dry Cleaners: Clearly, she has some power suits that have to be dry cleaned.

30.Jury Duty: The both of you will be bored together.

31.Sporting Events: Women who love sports are sexy.

32.Dog Park: Your dogs can even bond here.

33. Walking in your Neighborhood: The girl you say hi to every day could be your new crush.

34. The Hardware Store: She may need help picking out paint.

35. The Electronics Store: She may need help finding a new television.

36. The Bowling Alley: Tease about how horrible she is at bowling.

37. The Golf Course: Ask her to put with you and your friends.

38. Casinos: Booze and gambling? Perfect!

39. Music Festivals and Concerts: You already have the same taste in music, so why not talk to her.

40. At a Night Club: Dance the night away with her or buy her a drink.

41. Walking along the beach: You see her every morning from your beach house, say hello.

42. Sushi Bar: You both have the same taste in food, what else do you have in common?

43. A Singles Event: The best place to meet single women.

44. Historical Events: Open your mind to what happened in your city’s past.

45. A Coffee Shop: It’s calm, relaxing, and smart women hang out here.


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