Top 8 signs You Should Ask Him Out

Sometimes guys can be really shy. If you’re a good looking girl, it gets worse. How are you going to get him out on that date and how do you know if it’s a good idea? Marie Claire magazine came up with some food for thought:

#1 You want to tell him stuff

If you keep thinking you should tell him about silly little things that happen during the day, chances are, you should go on a date. It might be serious, though, so if you found him on Flirthookup or Xcheaters it might be good to warn him that it’s more than his body that’s been on your mind!

#2 You feel really comfortable with him

It might just have been an online chat, but you still felt comfy, like you were talking to an old friend. Ask him out, you might get on really well.

#3 You love his sense of humour

He can make you laugh any time. In fact, you laugh so hard it hurts. You guys are going to have fun!

#4 He almost asked you out

You know he did. He was almost at the point and you were feeling really good about it. Then he got cold feet and backed down. Give him another chance, only this time, you do the asking.

#5 You have talked to him about other dates

Mistake! At this point, he might just think you’re not interested and just like to talk. Show him he’s wrong.

#6 He texts you a lot

Take this as a warning if you’re into casual dating. He might be serious. However, he really, really likes you. What will you do?

#7 You’ve been fantasizing about the date

You know exactly what you’d like to do with (and to) him. Why not see if you can make it happen?

#8 You want to ask him out

That’s a great reason right there! Go ahead and do it.


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