Reviews: Mistakes Men make in Dating

When men are looking for a woman to date, they have a tendency to make a few mistakes along the way. It is important to take these things into account the next time you are out at a bar and trying to meet women. If you have caught yourself making these mistakes, perhaps it’s time to back up and try a new approach. A great website to help you out in the dating world is The site provides dating tips and even has a listing of single events in your area.

Don’t Assume.

One of the first mistakes that they make is assuming. If you are a single guy and you’re out at a bar, don’t assume that because a woman is very stunning or beautiful that she has a boyfriend or is married. You could miss your chance on an amazing woman by thinking that she is out of your league! You should go talk to her and what’s the absolute worst that can happen? She can respectfully decline a drink or tell you that she’s not interested. The worst mistake that you can make is not taking the chance on something that could happen.

Don’t Talk About Yourself.

This is a huge mistake that a lot of men make on the first encounter with a woman or on the first date. Many men get so nervous on a first date, but like to over compensate by talking too much about themselves. Try to ask your date what she likes to do for fun, then you can bounce topics back and forth from that information. You are bound to find many things to talk about then.

 If you don’t know what she does for a living, ask her about her career. This can be another great way to dive into your career without talking too much about yourself. If you find out that you’re in similar industries, this will definitely keep the conversation going. Ask her about her goals in life, where should would like to travel, or where she has travelled. Anytime travel is brought into the conversation, you both can learn a lot about each other.

Don’t focus too much on Sex.

Everyone does it. We all have sex, but it is probably not the best idea to solely focus on that on a first meeting or even a first date. If you both have been freely talking about it via texts or phone calls, perhaps it will happen for you on the first date. This isn’t true for everyone however. Make sure you are trying to keep the chat going about things other than sex. Who knows, she may surprise you and tell you that she’s ready on date one!

Don’t talk about Exes.

This one is huge! Do not compare your new date to your ex and don’t talk about how much fun you all used to have together. That is the past and your new lady would love to make new memories with you and not hear tales of your ex.

When you meet a woman, treat kindly and with respect. She may be the right one for you after all.



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