Xmeeting.com: Singles group hosts free pizza party

In today’s busy world more and more people are turning to the internet in search of friendships, dates and possible life-partners. However, most dating sites don’t offer opportunities to socialise with other site members in person. Of course, many dating sites serve too broad a market to allow for such activities, leaving you with the singles bar as your only option for meeting other singles face to face. The bar scene is not for everyone and even if you do enjoy an evening at the pub, you’ll know that bars are often too noisy for a good conversation.

Ottawa-Singles is leading the way with a new online dating concept. Instead of opening membership up to people all over the world, the site caters only for members who live in Ottawa and its surrounding areas. Still, textual chat can be intimidating and many of us are much better able to express ourselves verbally on an in-person basis. Because Ottawa-singles is a local business, they’re able to organise fun events where members can meet and greet to their hearts’ content.

The latest of these initiatives is a free pizza party. It’s only open to those who are registered members of Ottawa-singles and it’s happening on the 26th of January 2015. That gives members time to recover from the hectic holiday season before the event, so it’s expected to be particularly well-attended. Besides, how often do you get a chance to eat free pizza whilst meeting other singles?

Pizza Hut are playing host to the event, so guests can be prepared for an excellent feast with lots of stretchy cheese and delicious pizza toppings – a great way of breaking the ice and getting conversations started (once you’ve stopped chewing!). The event will be relaxed and informal, so there’s no need to get that suit or party dress dry cleaned: just come as you are and be ready to enjoy the company.

There’s a lot of pressure on singles during speed dating events: they’re often way too regimented and you’re positively expected to make an impression on at least some of the people you meet. With a pizza party, the pressure’s off. You can strike up a conversation with anyone and you can spend as much (or as little) time in their company as you want. Being in a relaxed environment helps to build confidence, and you’re more likely to be at your charming best. You might or might not meet your future life-partner, but you’re at least sure of making some new friends and meeting singles who share your interests.

All in all, the Singles-Ottawa.com Free Pizza Party looks like it’s going to be lots of good, clean fun and will provide Singles in Ottawa with a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better. After that, who knows what may happen? It seems likely that at least some of the revellers will turn acquaintanceship into dates or friendships, and if you’re hoping to find that ‘special someone’ expanding your circle of friends is a step in the right direction.


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