Online Dating - Top 10 Reasons AFF Is Better Than

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If you are on the internet (which you are), there is a very little chance that you have not considered the online dating scene. After all, it is the largest forum for human interaction in the world. And talking of online dating websites, Adult Friend Finder (AFF) and Plenty of Fish (POF) are 2 of the biggest websites available. Both have millions of members from around the world and have quite a few active members.
However, while both sites are free for most of the part, our personal experience shows that simply does not live up to its hype.

A dismal ratio

The number of males to females is at the very best, around 7:1 in POF. This means if you are a female, you will keep getting relentless messages about how great a guy is. If you are a male, well, best of luck getting a woman to look at you. By comparison, AFF has much more limited messages, simply because full messaging service is paid, and thus, reserved for serious members.

Scammers is filled with scammers. If you are being approached by a member, chances are that he/she requires money to feed the poor in Uganda or air fare to come meet you, to be deposited in a personal bank account.

Too Cluttered is filled with unnecessary information. This includes things like your love chemistry, your interests and everything related to you, because hey, you do not know yourself and an algorithm understands better!

Overbearing Tests

Love Tests, Chemistry Tests, this test, that test, is filled with tests. No wonder people prefer AFF. They get straight down to business and let you choose what you want to do.

Too High Expectations

The problem with is that women are paid far too much attention. Thus, they do not get enough time to read messages; after all a hundred other just like yours are waiting to be read.

No Community

AFF, unlike, has an active community. They have interactive things like blogs and a forum. This is not surprising, considering that the website was initially conceptualized as a social network. Thus, you have a lot of interesting things to try out

Copy Paste

Most of the messages you receive on are simply copy pasted. Read one and you have read all, unlike AFF, where, since most members are paid, they put in a lot more effort on actually sending you a personal message.

More Effort

Maybe it is because AFF is paid, but most people there actually put in more effort into approaching someone else. The messages begin half decently like "Hey, I saw you in the area and I would like to have a coffee" instead of "Would you like to get into my pants?"


The sad truth of is that if you are being contacted by over enthusiastic people, you are either a part of their sales drive, or being considered for the new religious order they are trying to establish.

Time Tested

AFF is actually time tested, and has lasted more than a decade. The thing started in 1996, and still going strong. In fact, in recent years, it has won several awards including the "Best Dating Site" at the 2015 AVN Awards and the "Adult Site of the Year" at the 2015 XBIZ Awards.


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