Online Dating: Top 7 Reasons AFF is Better Than SeekingArrangement

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What if we told you that finding the right person for you doesn’t have to be a chore?

It sounds beautiful, right?

How many times have you visited adult dating websites only to be disappointed with what they offer?

If you’re looking for an adult dating website that’s absolutely perfect and better than its competitors, Adult Friend Finder is a great choice. We compared two biggest dating websites,  AFF and Seeking Arrangement, and AFF proved to be better in every aspect. Here’s why AFF is better than Seeking Arrangement:

1. Established community

AFF has been around for a long time, a lot longer than SA, and that’s a good thing. Being around longer means that AFF already has an established community of people who know exactly what they want. Trust is incredibly important when it comes to using hookup sites, and it should not be overlooked easily.

2. AFF knows what it is doing

When a hookup website is around for that long, you know it is doing something right. Because of that, AFF attracts a lot of people, and most of them are very friendly. New members are joining each day, and you’ll never feel bored because of that. You’ll always get to know someone new.

3. AFF search option is great

The truth is, a lot of adult dating websites don’t have a good search engine, but AFF is not like that. This site knows its stuff and its members. The search option is necessary on a website like AFF because there is just so many options you can customize in your profile. 

4. Profile customization

You will be able to customize absolutely everything in your profile, and that’s an amazing thing. SA and similar dating sites don’t allow you to customize your profile as much as AFF does. On AFF you don’t feel like a template. Your profile really represents you, and other members can easily contact you if they like your interests.

5. Members

Most of the ladies on AFF mean business, and they’re not shy. In 80% of cases, you will get a response when you send someone a message, even if they’re not into you. The community is simply amazing, and the ladies will gladly give you some tips on chatting with women. They will help you get on the right foot even if they’re not that interested in hooking up with you which is awesome.

6. No fake profiles

Websites such as Seeking Arrangement don’t get rid of dead wood, so to speak. Most hookup websites have a big problem with fake profiles, but not AFF. Even if you see a fake profile, be sure that it will be gone in a day or two. The people behind AFF are really good with noticing fake profiles and removing them.

7. AFF is fun for women too

As a woman, you’ll meet men from all levels of society on hookup websites. But, if you carefully set-up your profile, you will only chat with men who have the same interests as you do.


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