Ottawa Book Self-Publishing Service Gives Writers New Local Alternative

Agora Publishing is one of the book self-publishing service providers that is giving new local writers in Ottawa an alternative to publishing their work. The presence of modern book self-publishing options has increased the arrays of options available to new writers.

One of the hardest challenges faced by new writers is usually trying to impress traditional publishers. With the new options available from Agora Publishing and similar self-publishing services, writers will not have to work so hard anymore.  With the help of web-based publishing platforms and customized printing services, budding writers can chase publication and promotion of their book on their own.

Book self-publishing services allow the writer to retain the full intellectual property of their book. One of the benefits of choosing Agora Publishing is that their publishing service is accessible to writers Canadian and international writers. They also have a lot of options to choose from so that you will not at any point feel as if an option is shoved down your throat. Inasmuch as self-publishing has its own challenges, there are lots of benefits that rules out the negatives. These include;

1. You are in Charge Creatively

Getting the nod of traditional publishers is big a challenge. Most times your manuscript never make it beyond the editor’s table. When you finally get the acceptance letter, the editors may insist that you take out some of your favorite lines or rewrite the manuscript. When you are self-publishing or using self-publishing services, you decide what stays and what leaves. You can decide to employ the services of a professional at any stage (writing, editing, cover design, and printing) to meet your desired taste and standard.

2. You Keep a Larger Chunk of the Money

Your self-publishing platform may take a small percentage of your earning. However, this nominal is nothing compared to the arrangement in traditional publication. In the latter, the traditional publishers take a larger chunk of the money and pay you royalties. Since you get to keep a larger chunk of the money in self-publishing, you will be able to pay for adverts to promote your book. Having a large social cycle also makes it easy for you to promote your work.

3. The Price is Under Your Control

When you are new to the field of writing, reading your work will almost be like a gamble for readers – because they are unsure if it is worth the investment. The higher the price of your book, the less likely the readers will be willing to gamble. If you set the price of your masterpiece too low, it may also be misjudged by readers. You have to find the balance that will increase your readership as well as give some credibility to your work.  The ostentatious price of some books from traditional publishers is the sole reason they never made it to the best-seller status.

4. Strengthen Your Reputation

Traditional publishers are becoming more averse to risk. They are becoming less willing to publish writers without some reputation in the field. The reason is simple; works from unpopular authors are more difficult to market. When you have a few self-published books that have made good sales, your chances of being accepted by a traditional publisher grows.

The journey towards self-publishing exposes the writer to lots of people which expands their network and guarantees that the writer can have their book in the open whenever they deem fit irrespective of the opinion of the traditional publisher. The journey to self-publishing can be a little stormy but you can calm the waves when you subscribe to Agora Publishing’s self-publishing services in Ottawa. 


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