Book Self-Publishing: Group Seeks to Fundraise One Million Dollars for Authors is seeking to raise over million dollars from public donations in support of a fund to support new authors who seek to self-publish.

Agora currently plans to designate author funding in four separate areas.

These consists of human rights and social justice; environmental issues and citizen empowerment; race relations, discrimination and equality rights; and disenfranchised voices.

The envisioned disenfranchised voices fund aims to support writers who feel that they have been subjected to marginalization by the book publishing industry.

The envisioned human rights and social justice fund seeks to support the self-publishing of books in this broad area which may be fiction or non-fiction.

The envisioned environmental issues fund seeks to support authors who seek to self-publish books that inspire individuals and communities to affirm their human sovereignty, take personal responsibility for protecting the environment and also support debate on alternative economic paradigms to exploitation and capitalism.

The envisioned race relations, discrimination and equality rights fun would seek to support authors with book self-publishing who seek to raise awareness and inspire progressive social change on these issues through public debate and education.


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