Book Self-Publishing: Agora Books Surpasses CreateSpace, Turns Manuscripts into Gold

Self-publishing has made publishing very easy for aspiring authors, but the difficult choice comes down to choosing the perfect self-publishing platform and with many out there, there’s a huge tendency to make the wrong choice.

Nonetheless, for writers who have been yearning to publish a manuscript they’ve had for years, is offering writers the chance to self publish their books successfully without any hiccup.

While Amazon’s CreateSpace provides an accessible self-service portal for writers seeking to self-publish, it lacks the appropriate quality control mechanisms that provides—as they go the extra mile to ensure that your book gets published professionallyand with the highest standards to achieve mass marketability effortlessly.

Agora Publishing has been in the business of creating successful self-published authors long before CreateSpace, launching in 1997 and actively online since 1999. They are a Canadian-basednot-for-profit book publishing agency that servers writers all around the globe, with services available south-of-the-border to American writers who seek to take advantage of the numerous full-service options which are not provided

For writers who choose to self publish with AgoraPublishing, they are treated to a host of professional services which include ISBN registration, book cover design, the book’s internal graphic design and typesetting, copy editing or substantive editing, book website design, author news blog design, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), the writing of informative promotional articles, distribution, printing, and many more.

Despite self-publishing becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst aspiring authors, quite a huge number of self-published books perform badly.

“Again, because the barrier to entry is so low, the majority of self-published books are pretty bad. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say less than 5 percent are decent and less than 1 percent are really good,” said David Carnoy in a article.

However, with professional guidance, your self-published book can be among the very limited “1 percent” of self-published books that are sales worthy.

Unlike platforms such as CreateSpace, has self-publishing professionals who are always available and willing to help identify flaws in your book and provide the necessary assistance to turn your idea into a best seller.

Their team of seasoned writers will ensure that your book will carry the same multi-million dollar look of a “mainstream book” produced by a corporate trade publisher.

Therefore, for writers who possess an old manuscript which they think has the potential to be a commercial success or just seeking to spread further social awareness through their research, Agora Publishing will ensure that you’re well equipped to churn out a perfectly produced self-published book, based upon its tremendous experience and community-focused ethic.

Not limited to a location, Agora Publishing editors can also travel on the road, making presentations at libraries and community centres on book self-publishing.

Whether you’re a writer who seeks to publish high quality and mass-marketable books or you’re a representative of a group that seeks presenters who are very knowledgeable about book self-publishing, contact Agora Publishing today for unrivalled top quality service.


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