Four Secrets To Self-Publishing Novels That No One Shares

Successful novelists who self-publish have a lot of encouragement to give to other authors who haven’t made it yet. But there isn’t a ready-made formula they can give you to help you succeed when you are writing your first novel.

This is because as creative people, novelists who sell a lot of books may not even know how they made it themselves. But they did do one thing right: they hit the nail on the head when it came to creating sympathetic characters, an engaging plot, an irresolvable dilemma, and an ending that left their readers wanting more. And as a novelist you have to be willing to adapt to this winning formula if you want to be a popular author.

So these are the four secrets, that as a novelist, you have to pick up on as you go along:

Secret #1: Create sympathetic characters: Readers like characters they can identify with, because they like to see themselves as part of the adventure. Usually as the main character - but sometimes as the villain. So even the villains in your novel have to be understood by your readers - because your readers will want to know why the villain did so much to destroy the main characters in the story.

Secret #2: Write an engaging plot: As a new novelist, you may want everything to work out for everyone right from the start. Wanting things to work out for everyone makes for a nice life in your own reality, but it makes for a terribly boring novel. Creating conflict from the start and writing about situations that no one could possibly overcome makes for a novel that your reader will not be able to put down.

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Secret # 3: Learn how to resolve an irresolvable dilemma: Now that you have written about a dilemma or a situation that no one could possibly overcome, you will have to resolve it. Does the villain win? Of course not.

But you can’t make it obvious. So the best way to resolve the end conflict is to give the main character something they can use to resolve their dilemma at the beginning of the novel. Like a piece of advice from an older person if you are writing in the present day - or something like a magic amulet if you are writing fantasy. Something that is casually mentioned at the beginning of the novel that your reader won’t notice. And then of course, your main character will refer back to that advice (or object) and immediately solve the conflict at the end of your novel.

Secret # 4: Write an ending that leaves your readers wanting more: Most publishing houses won’t pick up a novel that doesn’t have any more publishing possibilities. They want a novel that can be developed into an entire series of books. So before you even write your first word, you should map out characters, plots, and settings that will allow you to create an entire series of novels. This is what publishers are looking for when they decide to sign on new talent. This is because your fans are also looking to read every new book in your series. Always keep in mind that readers are devoted - and they always will want to read more about their favorite characters from their favorite author.


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