Book-self-publishing: Authors get new Hook-Me-Up service

Are you an author who is looking for certain services to ensure you will produce a high quality self-published book and don't know who to contact and where to turn to?

Are you seeking personalized services from human beings and not the chat bots of KDP and other such online services?

I'm a book publisher with 20 years of industry experience.  I now help writers who seek to self-publish and produce a high quality and mass-marketable book.

Self-publishing has become more accessible that ever. That's the good news. The bad news is that the market has become simply flooded with terribly produced books.

Our services are dedicated to writers who have contacted us to express frustration at not knowing where to turn to for the professional services they seek.

These include the following -

1 - Illustration
2 - Copy editing or substantive editing
3 - Ghostwriting
4 - Website design / graphic design
5 - Professional typesetting - designing internal pages
6 - Pre-marketing i.e. press releases and promotional reviews
7 - Social media marketing / search engine marketing
8 - Book cover design - essential for marketing
9 - Manuscript evaluation
10 -Book make-overs (general)
11 - ISBN registration etc
12 - Other / miscellaneous services

In order to avail yourself of one or more of these services, you must first email me the service you seek and I will then provide you, when possible, with a free sample of what my contacts can do for you with a quote of what it would cost to "complete the job".

Writers who seek to get our professional support should email us at

My service is only for the most serious writers of our group who have completed their manuscript or have already self-published and seek to revamp their book.


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