Ottawa Book Expo 2020 welcomes applications from New York State writers and publishers

The Ottawa Book Expo 2020 is one of the most anticipated events by stakeholders of the literary sector. For writers, publishers and others who have been looking forward to a golden opportunity of this type, this is the place to be. The very good thing about this event is that it is not restricted to Ottawa or Canada alone. As a matter of fact, writers and publishers from New York State are welcome to send in their applications to participate in the event.

The event is organized to produce the best results and all the organizers have put in everything in place to ensure the edition for this year will be outstanding. For those who may be wondering, New York State is intimately connected with the Ottawa Book Expo is partly sponsored by WPBS-TV based in Watertown, New York. Hence, it is not an event that is limited to writers and publishers in Canada alone but beyond.

The primary essence of the Ottawa Book Expo 2020 is to promote and exhibit the literary and cultural achievements of Ottawa, Canada and even accept international contributions. This is done in an environment of interest, pleasure and fun for all participants. The event is open to participants from various cultural and social backgrounds, people of all genders and sexual orientations are very much welcome. For those who do not know much about the finest literary figures in Ottawa or even the best brains in Canada, this is an ideal place to get to know them and build networks all over the place.

Ottawa Book Expo 2020 also offers several opportunities for writers of all levels and experience. These include opportunities that they can use to improve their writing skills, gain more knowledge and benefit from the most excellent book publishing services.

Another feature of the Ottawa Book Expo 2020 that many will find exciting is the fact that anyone interested or those who have amazing offers can apply to become exhibitors. These include people like authors (corporate or independent), independent booksellers, press owners, corporate entrepreneurs, literary service providers, non-governmental organizations and media outlets. Others include retailers, publishing firms (especially self-publishing enterprises), online booksellers, food/refreshment sellers, graphic designers, printers and artists.

It is a veritable meeting point for writers, entrepreneurs, innovators and others who have products in need of an audience or services to offer. The expo is an outstanding and result-oriented event that will generate the much-needed outcome for people like publishers, business people and various professionals who have one thing or the other to do with the literary sector.

Those who apply early to be exhibitors have even more outstanding offers as they get their booth spaces well ahead of time. For those who are not happy with the existing book festivals in Ottawa that seem to cater only to the elite, the Ottawa Book Expo is one that they will find just perfect when it comes to meeting their needs as it focuses on the grassroots.


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