Book Publishers: How to Become a Vendor at Toronto Book Expo 2020

The Toronto Book Expo is gearing up to be the most diverse event in Toronto. The event is currently expecting over a hundred vendors including publishing companies. Despite this, the event organizers are still actively accepting publisher vendor applications. If you value diversity and stand against social issues, the Toronto Book Expo is looking for your books.

The Toronto Book Expo will be the ultimate haven for intellectuals, artisans and book nerds this 2020. The event will house several artists, vendors, authors and publishers from all over the world to showcase the cultural and literary vitality of Canada. The expo is expecting to break barriers and tackle social issues by highlighting them boldly and allowing professionals to share their insights on these matters as well.

The Toronto Book Expo encourages the participation of First Nations authors and publishers as well as works from cultural and social minorities. Above all, it aims to bring attention to one of the greatest issues in society today: illiteracy.

The non-profit organization is actively accepting vendor applications on their website. If you or your organization stands for women’s, LGBTQ+ or racial rights, or any other social issue, the Toronto Book Expo is the perfect platform for you.

The Expo is also expected to bring in thousands of participants that are eager to add value to their lives. Several academic writers and aspiring authors will also be in attendance. For book publishers, this is the perfect place to find new authors to sponsor.

The Toronto Book Expo will also be held in a special Salon of the main Toronto Reference Library on Saturday, March 21

The non-profit event is the perfect place for publishers to scout new talent and share your advocacy among the diverse range of potential clients. It is also the perfect marketing platform for sharing your published books and promote upcoming releases and authors.

The Toronto Book Expo is drawing near. If you are affiliated with a book publisher and are interested in participating in this momentous event for the Toronto literary community, send in your application now and prepare for a whirlwind of readers and literary joy as books, innovation and diversity are celebrated this 2020.


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