How to Write and Publish an International Bestseller

Many writers dream of publishing international bestsellers but not very many do. Marketing and selling your books to a huge audience comes with several obvious benefits such as making a huge sales profit, building an international reputation, getting the world to read your story, making a meaningful contribution to literature and having your voice heard, among other reasons.

Bestseller tags are so highly coveted that some authors have taken to just stamping the tag on their book cover without actually earning the title. However, if you want to write and publish a book that would become an international bestseller, then here are a few steps you have to follow.

  1.  Lay a Strong Foundation

A book would have to be very well-written to make the bestsellerlist. A lot of writers make the mistake of trying to write a bestseller by simply copying another bestseller, and this idea always fails. To write a great book, you must write about something you believe in. 

The first thing to do when writing a good book is to choose a theme that stands out and conveys an important message. People are more inclined to recommend a book to their friends and family if they're impressed by the theme and storyline. So try to convey an important message that others can relate to.

While writing, you must first identify your target audience and try to write a book that appeals to them. Think of bloggers, ardent book readers and book reviewers and whether your book’s story would appeal to them. Remember that most sales happen after everyday people drop their reviews onGoodreads and Amazon and through word-of-mouth marketing, and book critics’ recommendations, so while writing, you must try to connect with these people as much as you can. Also, try to maintain a neutral tone in your book. The narration and dialogue of your story should be created using language that connects with audiences from all over the world, this creates a greater chance for your book to be accepted internationally.

  1. Choose the right publisher

Writing a good book is only the first part of publishing an international bestseller. Another very important aspect is choosing a credible publisher who knows what they are doing. Whether you are planning to use a renowned traditional publisher or a good self-publishing company such as Agorapublishing, the publisher would play a major role in making your novel a bestseller.  Choose a publisher that that can edit, re-write and re-edit your book until it’s perfect. There is a lot that a good publisher can do for your book from editing to formatting.

  1. Get an iconic book cover designed &Write an engaging book blurb

A lot of people judge a book by the cover, so no one is going to pick up your book if the cover is not attractive. Carefully select a book cover that is intriguing and creative, catchy enough to draw in readers from all over the world. It is also important to write a captivating blurb that’s amazing enough to entice your audience.


A good publisher can help you make your book a best seller by marketing your book through running internet advertisements, sending e-mails to subscriber lists, securing collaborations with international book bloggers and book reviewers and utilizing the power of social media to get you selling your book all over the world.


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