Writers: How to set-up your own book self-publishing organization

Do you want to make some real money?

Do you want to get a cut of all the money Amazon's KDP is getting because you will actually be helping to produce better quality books that the amateur ones they churn-out with the "cookie-cutter I got self-published on KDP look?"

Why just self-publish on your own when you can also help other writers through a formalized organization which will build the branding of your own written books?

We'll help you set-up your own book self-publishing company.

- This includes providing you with a video on critical steps to self-publishing a book from manuscript to potential bestsellers.

- Book publishing company website including logo and a customized CMS

- Website hosting on our servers for 12 months.

All this for only $897 until May 25, 2020.

Help writers self-publish paperbacks and ebooks in erotic fiction.

Contact Peter Tremblay for more information.  E-mail agorakanata@gmail.com


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