5 reasons to become a vendor at Canada's first virtual book and entrepreneurs' fair

The global pandemic has changed a lot of industries and the publishing industry isn’t left out. The coronavirus outbreak has made a huge impact on how authors write, what editors are willing to publish, and how book sales are made.

With stores being closed for weeks and some slowly reopening, small scale publishers fear that the pandemic might run them out of business. However, going digital has always been the safest and most profitable option.

For authors, publishers, artisans and entrepreneurs in Canada looking to make sales during this pandemic, the Ottawa Book Expo would be launching a first of its kind virtual book and entrepreneurs’ fair. This grassroots-oriented virtual marketplace will leverage on cutting-edge technology to deliver a unique experience to all exhibitors and attendees.

The virtual book fair is a great opportunity for authors, publishers, artisans and entrepreneurs to boost the commercial success of their work and showcase the diverse literary culture of Ottawa and Canada in general. Here are reasons why you should consider becoming a vendor at the Ottawa Book Expo 2020/2021:

1. Cheaper than in-person events

Becoming a vendor at a tradeshow, especially one that is quite pronounced, can be expensive. From the cost of renting booth space to acquiring the necessary furniture, employee time, travel expenses, meals, accommodation costs and many more, can add to a huge bill for vendors.

However, the Ottawa Book Expo provides a unique virtual experience of Lansdowne Park, providing a 24/7 virtual marketplace for vendors to showcase their work without having to pay for most of these costs.  Becoming a vendor at this virtual fair would mean saving more money and still achieving better results.

2. Better networking and sales opportunities

The Ottawa Book Expo is a great opportunity to learn more about local Ottawa and Canadian writers while networking. Also, it provides an avenue to discover new ways to improve your writing skills, collaborate better with other writers, learn more about people from different cultural backgrounds, and discover a wide variety of book publishing services.

This virtual fair allows vendors to make more sales and generate quality leads through a wide range of available solutions such as a live video or text chat. This way, vendors can forge stronger relationships with artists, technicians and authors from different cultures.

3. More brand exposure

Unlike tradeshows which are over after a few days, the Ottawa Book Expo would feature a virtual marketplace that would be available to buyers and sellers 24 hours everyday and 7 days every week. This means that your brand would continue to get regular exposure as visitors would be able to visit your virtual booth at any time, to either request for more information or make direct purchases.

4. Better visitor management

Exhibitions can easily become chaotic with many people in attendance. This can be a bit of a disadvantage for exhibitors as there’s a high chance of vendors missing someone important or spending too much time trying to control the amount of traffic at their booth.

At this virtual fair, it is easier to track visitors at your booth, what they were interested in and equally, determine the right approach and solution for each one of them.

5. Reaching a global audience

The Ottawa Book Expo is targeted at a global audience in and out of Canada—as the virtual marketplace is accessible to visitors from all over the world. For vendors, this is a huge advantage for them to meet readers from different backgrounds and showcase their work to a larger audience.

This virtual fair is a non-discriminatory way to create social networking opportunities among publishers, readers, writers and/or entrepreneurs. Vendors can get their work in front of a worldwide audience without spending money and time attending exhibitions abroad.


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